Daphine Tavolo – Lumina Italia

Another lighting design inspired by the animal world, Tomaso Simini’s “Dauphin” for Lumina Italia, is a slightly nostalgic classic table lamp with contemporary technology, featuring a swivel arm, and is available in six main shades. Since 1975 this lamp represents the essence of Lumina. Exhibited in some of the most famous museums of modern art and design in the world.

Daphne is a timeless synthesis of function and form: an articulated arm, with a rotating diffuser, mounted on a transformer. Now available with an LED version, identical to the classic Define in shape and movement, but with more powerful light for lower consumption. Table stand lamp in the metal disassembled arm, and 360 ° rotating diffuser. The cast iron base comes in black lacquer. Available with LED light source. Two-stage dimmer switch.

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