Yair Doram was founded in 1974 and has became a leader in its field. Today, the company imports about 40 international brands identified with innovation, quality, and a design commitment to the field of architecture. In addition, the company manufactures lighting fixtures in the Yair Doram Studio according to the requirements of customers for special projects, as well as a variety of lighting fixtures that join the company’s international selection. The company exclusively imports technical and decorative lighting fixtures, from the world’s most renowned lighting brands, which dictate the latest trends using advanced technologies. The company specializes in lighting consultation and design for various spaces. Characterized by professional accompaniment that operates within public, commercial and private projects. Yair Doram represents the pinnacle of the lighting world in Israel with the world’s leading brands including: BEGA, Ingo Maurer, Linea Light group, Lumina, LZF, Rakumba, Santa & Cole, TARGETTI , TRILUX


The main showroom, located at Lehi 28 Bnei Brak, offers its customers a wide range of lighting fixtures and a professional response to every project, we will be happy to see you.